Seamlessly integrate Cisco Jabber with Google Productivity Apps

Improve your team efficiency and optimize collaboration through the easy‑to‑use integration provided by CGLink

Business Benefits

Deliver business value and achieve faster your business goals by enhancing team collaboration

Process Optimization

Improve team collaboration by saving your employees time and efforts with the easy-to-use tool CGLINK.

Increased Team Efficiency

Enhance the teams’ performance and increase their productivity by providing them with streamlined, integrated and intelligent experience.

Efficient Remote Collaboration

CGLINK introduces modern workspace to your organization by enabling effective remote working and facilitating collaboration in distributed teams.

Seamless Integration

Benefit from fluent integration between your Google apps and Cisco collaboration tools with just few clicks.

How It Works

CGLINK is quite easy and intuitive to use.

Whilst working in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, users can directly start a conversation with anyone who has the right to edit or comment on the file they are reviewing. They do not need to copy contacts from Google and search/paste them in Jabber anymore, but can now contact others straight from the Google application, using all functionalities that Cisco Jabber offers such as, for example, chat, call, user’s presence and desktop sharing.

All these functionalities are also available in Gmail and Google Contacts, from where users can directly start a chat or call via a Gmail hover card using Cisco Jabber.

Try CGLINK and you will experience its benefits from the very first day.

Who Is It For?

  • Small and middle-sized companies: Organizations with 50 to 1000 employees, which use both Google and Cisco collaboration tools.
  • Partners: Cisco resellers and system integrators offering collaboration solutions to other companies that are already using Google tools, software and products.

Case Study

One of our main customers is a big telecommunications company providing Cisco solutions to third parties. The company is using CGLINK to improve the services it is offering to its clients. With the help of CGLINK it brings Cisco Collaboration into Google Calendar, thus making it possible for client companies to benefit from the online collaboration capabilities while optimizing their processes.

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